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Records of Parsonstown Union Birr
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Records of Parsonstown Union

  • IE OCL BG164
  • Arquivo
  • 1839 - 1931

97 Minute Books

55 Rough Minute Books

1 Repayment of Relief Book

1 Rent Book

1 Document relating to the King's County Directory

1 Lease

3 Workhouse Registers

2 Financial Minute Books

1 Dispensary District Ledger

Parsonstown (Birr) Poor Law Union

Report Book of the Visiting Committee

Volume containing pre-printed questionnaire for manual answers to be entered at each inspection of the Visiting Committee to the Birr workhouse. The questionnaire comprises 16 questions on the condition of both the workhouse premises and the residents of the institution. The Visiting Committee answers either Yes or No to each question and there is space for observations, comments and sign-off by the clerk of the union and the chairperson of the board of guardians. Inspections begin as monthly occurrences in 1896 but are sporadic in frequency by 1920. Following the closure of the Birr workhouse in August 1921, during the 'Amalgamation' of the workhouses in the county, the newly constituted Board of Health opened the County Home in Tullamore workhouse. In 1938, a new visiting committee was formed and Mary K. Dunne, a member of the Visiting Committee in the 1920s, and her colleague, A. F. E. McMichael, seem to have repurposed this volume to record the inspection visits to the county home (in Tullamore). Rather than answer the pre-printed questionnaire template, written reports have been attached to the page, or the observations space is used to write a report, and it is stamped and signed by the Board of Health. The use of this re-purposed volume by the Board of Health lasted until December 1939.

Includes some loose correspondence from the Local Government Board (1905; 1911)