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Trench, Benjamin Bloomfield Offaly (King's) Subsérie
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Garvey letters and Clinoe agreement

  • IE OCL P131/1/2
  • Subsérie
  • 15 December 1807- 7 March 1871
  • Parte de Loughton Papers

Letters and documents relating to George Garvey's work as agent for Benjamin Bloomfield.

Bloomfield, Benjamin


Diaries belonging to Dora Trench (née Turnor), Benjamin Bloomfield Trench and Theodora Trench.
Each writer used their respective diaries to record signifcant life events, feelings and appoinments. They offer a unique insight in to their lives.

Trench, Dora

Loughton house

Sub-series of documents relating to the the sale of Loughton house, the upkeep of the house and construction projects under taken of the house.

Trench, Benjamin Bloomfield

Borrisnafarney/ Loughton Church

  • IE OCL P131/4/3
  • Subsérie
  • 15 January 1873-November 1911
  • Parte de Loughton Papers

Files relating to Borrisnafarney Church which was built in 1829 with funding from Thomas Ryder Pepper. This subseries deals with church funding, repairs and an attempt to join Borrisnafarney with Aghnameadle.

Trench, Benjamin Bloomfield