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Bury, Lady, Emily Alfreda, Howard-
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Address and presentation to Lady Emily Howard-Bury

Address and presentation to Lady Emily A.J. Howard-Bury by the residents of Tullamore and the tenants on the Charleville Estate. The latter groups express their congratulations on Lady Emily’s return to health and to Charleville Forest. They desire that Lady Emily’s children, who have accompanied her, may “always consider this their home… [and] continue to reside among their own people and with [ Lady Emily’s ] example adhere to the noble traditions of their family”. The subscribers beg her acceptance of the accompanying presentation “as a lasting memorial of the friendly feelings they entertain “towards her.
Includes Lady Emily’s reply of thanks for the diamond stais which she will “value…all [her] life” as a reminder of the “friendship and affection of all who have known [her] since childhood, and of their love and esteem for [her] family”. She also desires that her children, after an absence of three years in Charleville, will grow up amongst the tenants and “by & bye prove themselves worthy of your love and respect”. Lady Emily concludes with the wish that the “happy relations” so long existing between her family and the tenants may continue “ for many generations”

Bury, Lady, Emily Alfreda, Howard-

Death of Marjorie Howard-Bury

Newspaper cutting from The King’s County Chronicle concerning the death of Miss Marjorie Howard-Bury following a brief illness, which sad event “brought profound grief over and far outside the [Charleville] estate”. Miss Bury was buried in the family vault under the chancel of St. Catherine’s, and it was remarked that “notwithstanding the very severe character of the weather the general procession was of remarkable dimensions”.

Bury, Lady, Emily Alfreda, Howard-

Last will and testament of Anna Powers Potts

Last will and testament of Anna Powers Potts, St. Hubertus in the valley of Ampezzo, Tirol, Austria. She bequeaths unto her “dear friend” Lady Emily Howard Bury, who is residing with her, all of her rights, title and interest in said residence, including all outbuildings, household and kitchen furniture, vehicles, horses, cattle and personal property “of all kinds” there. Lady Bury is to hold some during her lifetime, and upon her death, to pass to Anna’s son, Templin Morris Potts. With the provision that should it ever become desirable to dispose of the property, a deed should be executed to that effect and the proceeds of the sale to be invested and held by her executor, and the purchaser “shall be under no obligation to look to the application or reinvestment of the purchase money”.
Anna devises all the reminder of her estate “both real and personal…and wherever situated” to the Girard Life Insurance Annuity and Trust Company of Philadelphia, Pa.U.S., including the sum of $10,000 held in a trust created by Mrs. Anna M. Powers, Philadelphia and The Fidelity Insurance Trust & Safe Deposit Company, Philadelphia for Anna’s benefit. She also devises an additional sum of $10,000, left to her by Mrs. Powers, to The Girard Life Insurance Annuity, all above sums to be held in trust to invest and to “pay over the net income therefrom, quarterly or semi-annually” to her son Templin Morris Potts. Upon her son reaching the age of 25 years, the entire principal is to be paid over to him “absolutely and free from all trusts and conditions”If Templin should die before reaching 25 years “leaving neither a wife nor child him surviving”, then Anna’s entire estate is to be equally divided between her two sisters, Edith Ackley and Helen Cash.
Anna nominates John L. Lee, Lynchburg, Va[ncouver], U.S.A. as executor of her last will and testament, and desires that he act as guardian for her son, Templin Morris Potts. Witnesses: Marianne Mayrhoper, Villa Rosingarten, Meran and Mabel Kate F. Cooper, 62 Richmond Row,Cardiff, South Wales, Great Britain.

Bury, Lady, Emily Alfreda, Howard-

Letter from George Turnbull concerning the Charleville Presentation Fund

Ms. letter from George Turnbull, Charleville Estate Office, Tullamore, concerning a meeting of the subscribers to the Charleville Presentation Fund. During a meeting of the Relief Committee held the same evening, Mr. D.A. Bradley was appointed secretary and was directed to write by that evening’s post to “her Ladyship forwarding a similar resolution to that passed at the former meeting”. Mr. Pat Rigney expressed his belief that Lady Emily had expressed the wish that the money should go to the Relief Fund and that the subscribers were in agreement.

Bury, Lady, Emily Alfreda, Howard-

Letter from Lady Emily Howard-Bury hiring Ernest H. Browne as manager of estate office

Ms. letter from Lady Emily Howard-Bury, Charleville Forest, Tullamore to Mr. Browne, confirming his salary to be at £250 per annum and 2% yearly on the rents collected. She also confirms that the house, garden and two fields at Brookville are for his use, rent free, with any internal repairs to be undertaken by Browne, and Lady Emily attending to any external repairs.

Bury, Lady, Emily Alfreda, Howard-

Letter from Wiliam R. Wade, relating to Lady Emily Bury Testimonial Committee

Typescript letter from William R. Wade, Honorary Secretary of the Lady Emily Bury Testimonial Committee to [?] requesting his attendance at a meeting of the subscribers to the Charleville Testimonial Fund, for the purpose of reaching a conclusion on whether the money collected for the testimonial should be applied to “the Relief of the Distress at present prevailing amongst the Labourers of Tullamore," subject to Lady Emily’s approval.

Bury, Lady, Emily Alfreda, Howard-

Letter to Lady Emily Howard-Bury relating to the Charleville Testimonial Fund

Ms. letter from Donald A. Bradley, Tullamore to Lady Emily Howard-Bury begging her “precious approval” to expend the money in the Charleville Testimonial Fund in accordance with the terms expressed at two consecutive meetings of the subscribers to the Fund, the details of which he also encloses in a circular.

Bury, Lady, Emily Alfreda, Howard-

Marriage settlement between Lady Emily Bury and Captain Kenneth Howard

Marriage is intended between Captain Kenneth Howard and Lady Emily Bury. The above estate (The Hazelby Estate) is to be held in trust by the trustees until the solemnisation of the marriage and thereafter upon trust to Captain Howard during his life, and to Lady Bury during her life should she survive her intended husband. Upon the death of both persons, the property to be transferred to the eldest son, and if any such child has not reached the age of 21 years, the land to be managed by the trustees until such time.
With provision for the trustees during Captain Howard’s life and following the death of Mr. James Kenneth and Lady Louisa Howard, and in Lady Emily Bury’s lifetime following the death of her husband, to lease all or part of the estate for a term not exceeding 21 years, or to sell or exchange all or part of the estate for any other estate in England or Wales, receiving money in equality of exchange.
With further provision that Captain Howard assign to the trustees the sum of £15,000 to which he was entitled under the settlement of 1845 and the deed of appointment of 19 Sep 1881, subject to the life interest of Mr. James Kenneth and Lady Louisa Howard. The trustees empowered to apply this sum to the maintenance and education of any children after the death of the spouses.

Bury, Capt., Kenneth, Howard-

Newspaper cutting concerning unrest among Croghan tenantry

Newspaper cuttings relating to the protests of the tenantry of Lady Emily Howard Bury, following her serving writs on them. The tenants on the estate at Croghan sought an abatement in their rents, “they having solicited [for same] in the humblest manner”. The Rhode and Croghan branch of the Land League now pledge to fight to the end “thereby showing Lady E. Bury, her agent and the country, what [they] think of an act which [they] have no hesitation in denouncing as unwarranted and unjust”.
Includes an observation that previous to the Land League agitation, the tenants were quite satisfied with their rents “and regarded the Bury family as model landlords”. Includes death of Margaret Tracey, a tenant on the Croghan estate, who had already been issued with a decree against her concerning shop provisions, and who dropped dead when rushing out to intercept a sheriff, whom she mistakenly thought was about to seize her cattle.

Bury, Lady, Emily Alfreda, Howard-

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