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OCL P136 Page 85

Colchester, Leinster Regiment

  1. 'Clacton'

'Birr, Oct. '22'

  1. 'Liela, Minni, Mrs. D. P.'
  2. [Untitled. Liela, Minni, Fitz-Simon on front steps of country house]
  3. 'Whigsboro'

OCL P136 Page 88

'Poor Old Depot'

  1. 'Fred Barry'
  2. [Untitled. Photograph of doorway into the burnt out remains of Birr Barracks]
  3. [Untitled. Distant view of burnt out remains of Birr Barracks]
  4. [Untitled. View of burnt out remains of Birr Barracks from internal barrack square.]

OCL P136 Page 41

Unidentified locations, mainly Birr, Co. Offaly

  1. [Untitled. Burnt out quarters of the Officer Commanding, Birr Barracks]
  2. [Untitled. View of Birr Barracks from a distance]
  3. [Untitled. Main St. Birr]
  4. [Untitled. Leila, Minnie and Mrs. D.P. on steps of house in Birr. Copy of photograph 338]