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17th century letters and papers

Seventeenth-century letters and papers, 1595-1699 and 1871 of the two branches of the Parsons family, the Parsonses of Bellamont, Co. Dublin, Viscounts Rosse, and the Parsonses of Parsonstown, alias Birr, King's County.


File of letters sent to Henry Trench between 1853 and 1865.

The majority of the letters within the file concern Henry's son Henry Bloomfield Trench. It appears Henry Bloomfield suffered from an illness which caused fainting and fitting. Much of the letters deal with this issue. Examples include two letters dated from John Congreve regarding Henry Bloomfield Trench fitting and his recovery during his stay with him. The file also includes three letters from J.R Pears, Windlesham regarding a fainting fit that occurred while Henry Bloomfield Trench was away at school. Other letters concerning this issue within this file describe Henry Trench attempts to find a suitable school for his son. Examples of such letters include a letter dated 14 July from F.G Price, Munderfield, Bromyard, England accepting Henry as a pupil.


Letters sent to and sent by Benjamin Bloomfield Trench in 1866, 1875, 1874, 1876, and 1880. The letters in this file cover personal and business matters.

Examples include a copy of a 1866 letter from Benjamin Bloomfield Trench to the Honorable Captain Winn in which he writes:
'Dear Winn,
some time ago I wrote to you what I considered to be, to what was intended to be, a civil letter, asking you as a friend what you wished to be done with your dog, which is here, at the same time reminding you, altho' not in the least [preposing] for £2 which you owed me about Henley Regatta. viz. a bet of 3-2 which I laid you that Kingston beat [leander], they did so accordingly wishes of boat-racing. I consider it a great insult to me that you have not answered the said letter, not so much that you have not paid the bet, but because you have not answered a letter which was written to you as a friend. Neither have you made any allusion to the bet, which was made between us in a fair spirit of betting, I being prepared to loose my £3 or to win your £2. it is not so much the £2 , as the way that you have behaved, abt it that I consider so blackguard, if you were hard up, that would be another thing, but when one sees your name down for the [?] matches, for which you are able to put down your £5, one cannot help thinking that you have behaved in a blackguard way, but I do not intend the matter to end here, you have grossly insulted me & I therefore challenge you to fight me, a fair stand up fight & according to the rules of the PBA. If you have an ounce of Irish blood in your veins, you cannot through this letter aside without answering it..'

The file also contains other letters such as three letters from Henry Trench regarding his will and a 1875 letter from George M. Williams, Ballinahone, Armagh asking for rent due.


  • IE OCL P131/2/2/1/2
  • File
  • 2 January 1872- December 1876
  • Part of Loughton Papers

Letters sent to and sent from Henry Trench, Cangort Park, Roscrea, Tipperary between 1872 and 1876. The letters within this file deal with personal, community and financial issues.

Examples of personal letters include a letter dated 14 August 1873 which arranges for turf to be sent to Loughton for turf Lord Bloomfield's visit; a letter dated 5 July 1873 from Mr. Taylor regarding Mrs. Francis Hastings Toone's will and a letter from John Harden dated 5 August 1873 in regards to staying at Cangort.

Community issues are also present throughout the letters within the file. Examples of such letters include a letter from J.W Waller, Belfield, Shinrone, King's County in which he writes about Shannon drainage; a letter from Mr Bard, Shinrone regarding admitting Mrs St Ledger to the poorhouse and a five copies of a letter from 1875 from Henry Trench, Cangort Park, Roscrea to W.R. Le Fanu, Commissioner of public work regarding the river Shannon and a memorandum from Henry Trench to W. Harden.

The file also deals with financial issues. Examples include a 1876 a letter from the Grattan monument committee stating that Henry did not pay his subscription and a letter dated 4 January 1876 from Theo Ryan, 7 Leeson Park, Dublin asking for rent


  • IE OCL P131/2/2/1/3
  • File
  • 3 January 1877-13 September 1879
  • Part of Loughton Papers

File of letters sent to Henry Trench between 1877 and 1879.

The file contains letters sent by family, friends, business contacts and acquaintances. Examples of letters include a 1877 letter from D.A M'Cready regarding five leases that require Henry's signature; three letters dated 1878 from E Williams, Main Street, Parsonstown regarding Japanese trays and a letter from K.L Kirkpatrick thanking Henry for sending him a pedigree and a letter from J.A Davis, Kilcoleman parsonage, Parsonstown regarding forwarding an application to the Lord Bishop and Rural Dean .

The majority of the letters sent in 1879 were concerned with issues such as Shannon Drainage and leasing property. Examples of such letters include a letter from G Weston, 32 Essex Street, Strand, London, regarding clay work; a letter containing a copy of 'Hydraulic tables, coefficients, and formulae for finding the discharge of water from orifices, notches, weirs, pipes and rivers' by John Neville and a draft lease property in Banagher sent to George Arthur Waller for sixty one years.


  • IE OCL P131/2/2/2/2/2
  • Item
  • 8 March 1881-17 November 1884
  • Part of Loughton Papers

File of letters sent to Benjamin Bloomfield Trench from 1881 until 1884. The file consists of mainly administrative letters but also touches upon personal topics.

A significant proportion of the file contains letters from William Thomas Trench as both he and Benjamin Bloomfield Trench step into the roles left absent by their father. An example of such as case is a letter from William Thomas Trench, Loughton, King's County, dated 7 March 1882 in which he discusses 6 rents cases, 'The Dowager' racehorse and the loss of Henry Trench. He writes 'we are thinking a great deal of how our mother will fear the return of this day with its sad memories to her and to all of us- the absence of his experience wisdom and love seems as fresh as it was when we had just lost them and the thought constantly comes back that we shall some day tell him everything that has happened, as we used to after being away from him for a time'.

On 25 July 1881 William Thomas Trench also sent a letter in which he describes his visit to Kildysart, Co. Clare and The Burren, Co. Clare. In the letter William describes the conditions faced by the local population, 'The people at the former place are in a wretched way. Heavy loses of stock having depressed some of them beyond possibility of [recurring] recovery.'

Administrative letters within the file include a letter from George Drew, 3 Langley Park, Sutton, Surrey regarding checking value of work done before making payments and a letter from Herbert Saunders, 1 Bolton Gardens, South Kensington in regards to paying for repairs.


  • IE OCL P131/2/2/2/2/3
  • File
  • 7 July 1885-9 June 1888
  • Part of Loughton Papers

File of letters received by Benjamin Bloomfield Trench from 1885-1888. During 1888 Benjamin Bloomfield Trench visited South Africa as part of his role as Chairman of the South African Trust and Finance Company. Due to this the majority of the file contains letters of introduction from South African acquaintances of Benjamin to other prominent South Africans.

The file also deals with other issues arise from his involvement with the Chairman of the South African Trust. One such example is a letter from E. Mcmurdo to A. D.De Marez Oyens, Amsterdam regarding a dispute between Transvaal and the Portuguese government.

The file also details the day to day administrative business that Benjamin Bloomfield Trench was involved with. The file contains a letter dated 14 January 1885 from Herbert Saunders enclosing half year rent and a letter dated 9 July 1885 from Mary Woolsey, Grantham house, Fonnereau Road, Ipswich, regarding the health of 'Freddy'.

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