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Leasebooks containing details of leases of King’s County property and ‘the Killeen estate’ [Tipperary property]

Three large folio leasebooks [see also Q/249-50], the first started c.1820 but containing details of leases back to c.1710 and continued up to c.1850; the second and third started c.1850, containing details back to c.1775 and continued almost up to the present day. The second and third are still in the Estate Office, so only the first has been examined. It contains few entries later than 1840, but this possibly reflects the fact that few leases were granted after the 1830s, rather than that the book ceased to be maintained. It is arranged in 2 sequences: first, King’s County property; second ‘the Killeen estate’ [i.e. Tipperary property, principally of Dunalley provenance]. The leases are arranged alphabetically according to the initial letter of each tenant’s name, although within each letter of the alphabet no order is observed. [The book is thus a ready-made finding aid for genealogical inquiries, which are likely to be strong on surname but weak on location. With its aid, it is probable that further refining could be made of the arrangement of the individual King’s County leases which follows, as the leasebook sometimes (particularly in the case of renewals) contains details of location which the individual lease or renewal does not. Nevertheless, this is a slow business, and time did not permit much research along these lines. Q/16/1 has been copied by PRONI – see MIC.564.]Smaller folio leasebook recording, c.1865, details of leases back to c.1705 on the estate of the Hon. Laurence Parsons in King’s County and Cos Tipperary and Wexford [see 0/37 and Q/6. Q/16/4 is also on MIC.564].

Leases of Siffin, alias Seffin, barony of Ballybritt

Box of leases of Siffin, alias Seffin, barony of Ballybritt, situated on the outskirts of Birr towards Roscrea. The box also includes papers relating to the sale of properties and fee farm grants in Seffin to Edward Dooley and other purchasers.

Leases of lands in Co. Tipperary with baronial location not specified

Three singleton leases of lands in Co. Tipperary with baronial location not specified: Lelagh (1718), Lissballyard and Rathmakeena (1739), and Kilgrogane (1786). The first 2 leases were granted by Sir William Parsons, 2nd Bt; the last
does not have a Parsons as a party.

Leases of Newtown, barony of Ballybritt

Envelope of leases of Newtown, barony of Ballybritt, the lease of 1757 (which is long and complicated, and which makes reference to the debts of Sir William Parsons, 4th Bt) also comprising parts of Derrinlough and Dovegrove [see Q/37 and 39. In date order.]

PHOTOCOPY Perkinson-Monaghan Correspondence

  • IE OCL P6
  • Arquivo
  • 1777-1883

Copy correspondence between two generations of Perkinson and Monaghan family members, all connected with Croghan, near Birr, Co Offaly and the Irish Hills area of the state of Michigan, USA. Following the devastation of the Great Famine, John Monaghan emigrated firstly to Suffolk and then to Michigan, where he received letters from his sister, Mary and her husband William Perkinosn, pleading for assistance to also enable their family emigrate to America. The correspondence describes the effect of famine and emigration on the Croghan area. Their son William, who emigrated to Lancashire, also writes to his cousin in Michigan of the second generation with much the same request.

Perkinson, William

Leases of Co. Tipperary estate: Ballyloughnane, alias Riverstown, barony of Lower Ormond

Envelope of Co. Tipperary estate leases: Ballyloughnane, alias Riverstown, barony of Lower Ormond. The leases up to and including 1820 are granted by Lord Dunalley, [as this and a couple of other townlands forming part of his Sopwell Hall estate, near Cloughjordan, Co. Tipperary, were purchased from him for £20,000 in that year (see E/38). The
envelope also includes papers relating to the sale of the premises to George Kennedy. In date order. For leasebooks which include the Tipperary estate, see Q/16.]

Leases of Croghan, barony of Lower Ormond, also part of the Dunalley estate

Envelope of Co. Tipperary leases: Croghan, barony of Lower Ormond, also part of the Dunalley estate. The leases of 1795 and 1802 are to Sir Laurence Parsons, 5th Bt, who held parts of Croghan as a tenant or sub-tenant prior to his acquisition of the fee in 1820. [In date order, but with obsolete Q/8 piece numbers on them, and some unnumbered.] Also included are papers relating to the sale of the premises to Louis McCormack.

Lease of Newtown to Sir William Cusack Smith

Lease of part of the lands of Newtown from Edward Earl Digby to Sir William Cusack Smith for one life, or twenty-one years from 25 March 1825, at the yearly rate of £15-0-0.
Including 'A map of part of the lands of Newtown in the Barony of Geashill and King's County. Part of the Estate of the Right Honourable Earl Digby. Surveyed by John Molloy 1824', hand coloured, scale 20 Perches to an Inch, with bordering land leased to John Wheelaghan.

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