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Letter from Joseph Rilland Crusott to Mister Cronhelm.

Letter and transcription of a german letter sent in response of an inquiry into the Cronhelm family history in Germany, from Joseph Rilland Crusott to Mister Cronhelm, regarding hi investigation into the family of Cronhelm in Hanover.

Letters from Constance Lamb to Maria Blanche Plunkett-Johnston.

  • IE OH OHS77/5/1/3/3
  • Ficheiro
  • 15 Jul 1898 - 8 Aug 1898
  • Parte de Woodfield Papers

Eleven letters from Constance Plunkett-Johnston to her mother Maria Blanche Plunkett-Johnston at Rockfield, Moate, County Westmeath. Constance was traveling to Germany with her cousin, Eva Marsh (later Monteith), and described their trip in great detail. Her letters are sent from the Euston Hotel, London, England; the Lord Warden Hotel, Dover, England; the Hotel De Flandre, Brussels, Belgium; the Grand Hotel, Homburg, Germany; Morley's Hotel, Trafalgar Square, London, England; and Mount Jerome, Harold's Cross, Dublin, Ireland.

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