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Letterbook 1911-1912

Routine letters to clients, generally 1 per page. Badly faded and illegible in parts.
Includes letter to Fr. J. Bergin, Philipstown: 'As you are aware a Notice of every Charitable Request has to be published in some newspaper circulating in the District in which the Charity is to be applied - published in 3 successive issues of such newspaper. I had the Notice in this case published in An Claidheamh Soluis, the organ of the Gaelic League which you may have seen. I enclose a copy for reference. The copies of the paper containing the Notice have to be lodged with the Commissioners of Charitable Donations who invariably require some evidence that the paper containing the Notice has some circulation in the District. I know of my own knowledge that the paper does circulate more or less in the District. However, all the evidence the Commissioners require, as you will see from enclosed letter, its a letter from you as parish priest of Philipstown and Clonfert stating that you have seen this notice published. I shall be much obliged if you would kindly write us such a letter.' (7 February 1912)

Letterbook 1913-1914

Copies of approximately 1000 outgoing letters, averaging at 1 per page. Some letters illegible due to fading.
Includes letter to E. des. H. Browne, Charleville Estate Office, Tullamore re Sherlock Estate: ' Replying to yours of the 20th inst. It is begging the question to suggest that these tenants understood or were satisfied with the last receipts you gave, or with any of the receipts. The original rent in the time of Sherlock's predecessor was £2.1.10. I have a whole bundle of receipts in evidence of this. It was customary by the Landlord as shown by receipts to give a substantial abatement off this rent and eventually some years before Mr. Sherlock became owner and according to my instructions after a valuation was made by the agent, the rent was fixed at the figure of rent paid. The original tenant was John Fitzgerald Snr and his brother Bernard resided on the lands with him. John allowed Bernard the use of half the lands on paying half the rent., and eventually Bernard's name found its way into the rental, and ever since Mr. Sherlock acquired the estate, half of the rent was paid by Bernard. John died and was succeeded by his widow Mrs Bridget Fitzgerald on whose death John Fitzgerald Jr became the tenant, and John Jr and Bernard appear to be now tenants in common of these lands. I give you these particulars as Mr. Sherlock in court did not seem to be conversant with the facts. It is admitted that the yearly rent of £1.14.0 has been regularly paid every year. These illiterate men paid very little attention to receipts which they can hardly be blamed for not understanding: they were content so long as they paid their year's rent and heard no more about it. But now that the question has been raised they will naturally decline to pay the next gale of rent except in exchange for a proper receipt up to date.' (28 January 1914)

Garvey letters and Clinoe agreement

  • IE OCL P131/1/2
  • Subserie
  • 15 December 1807- 7 March 1871
  • Parte deLoughton Papers

Letters and documents relating to George Garvey's work as agent for Benjamin Bloomfield.

Bloomfield, Benjamin

Bloomfield tablet

Two photographs of the Bloomfield tablet in Loughton church

Bloomfield, John Arthur Douglas


  • IE OCL P131/3/1
  • Unidad documental simple
  • 17 December 1850
  • Parte deLoughton Papers

Encumbered estates court, rental of the lands of Raheenbeg in the King's County to be sold by the commissioners, at their court

Morristown-Biller, Clonfenlough, Rashinagh and part of Corramore

  • IE OCL P131/3/2
  • Unidad documental simple
  • 25 June 1852
  • Parte deLoughton Papers

In the court for the sale of encumbered estates in Ireland, rental of lands in the county of Kildare and King's county to be sold be auction. Consisting of Morristown-Biller in Kildare and Clonfenlough, Rashinagh and part of Corramore in King's County.

Loughton drainage and sanitation.

  • IE OCL P131/4/2/2
  • Unidad documental simple
  • 2 February 1896-25 May 1916
  • Parte deLoughton Papers

File of plans showing the drainage and sanitation of Loughton House.

Included in the file are items such as a plan showing drainage system drawn up by The London Sanitary Protection Association, 4 Queen Anne's Gate, Westminster, London and a sanitary report of Loughton dated 25 May 1916.

Loughton letters.

  • IE OCL P131/4/2/5
  • Unidad documental compuesta
  • 24 April 1897-13 December 1905
  • Parte deLoughton Papers

File of letters relating to Loughton House.

Examples of letters include a letter from the Irish Agricultural Organisation Society to Benjamin Bloomfield Trench dated 20 November 1900
'Dear Sir,
Your letter of 16th inst. received, and I send you herewith for your information some copies of audited balnce sheets of Co-operative Dairy Societies which I hope will be useful to you. I hope the project of starting a co-operative Creamery for MoneyGall may prove successful. We shall be glad at any time to give you any information or advice in our power.'

Also included is a letter from James Guilfoyle, John Murphy, and John Healy dated 25 November 1895
We the undersigned having had the misfortune of being found trespassing on part of your property known as the lands of Clinoe with dogs in our possession on the 20th inst by Mr George [Frend] of Silver Hills, and for which we tender an apology to your honor and by to assure you that it being our first time in trespassing on your property that during our natural life we shall never attempt to repeat such an act. By hoping that this apology will satisfy your honour and again we say that we [resoundingly] report what we have done. With profound respect we beg to remain yours honour's most obedient servants.'

Trench, Benjamin Bloomfield

Borrisnafarney/ Loughton Church

  • IE OCL P131/4/3
  • Subserie
  • 15 January 1873-November 1911
  • Parte deLoughton Papers

Files relating to Borrisnafarney Church which was built in 1829 with funding from Thomas Ryder Pepper. This subseries deals with church funding, repairs and an attempt to join Borrisnafarney with Aghnameadle.

Trench, Benjamin Bloomfield

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