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Offaly History Birr
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Sketch maps of William Larkin

  • IE OH OHS 86
  • Arquivo
  • c.1808

Three fragmentary draft or sketch maps on tracing paper of south and west Offaly dating to c.1808, and a fourth of the King's Channel area , County Waterford, dating possibly to Larkin's survey of County Waterford in 1818.

Larkin, William

Parsonstown Union Outgoing Letter-book

  • IE OH OHS71
  • Item
  • 1849-1853

Copies of outgoing letters from John V. Brown, clerk of Parsonstown Union to various recipients, particularly the Poor Law Commissioners, detailing reliefs and works. Also includes copy outgoing correspondence relating to assisted emigration schemes for inmates of the Parsonstown workhouse during the course of the Great Famine.

Parsonstown (Birr) Poor Law Union

Henry G. Farmer Leinster Regiment Collection

  • IE OH OHS78
  • Coleção
  • 1874-1964

Collection of books, press cuttings, photographs, and memorabilia related to the Leinster Regiment at Birr Barracks, collected by Henry G. Farmer (1882-1965), son of Sergeant Henry G. Farmer, quarter-master, Leinster Regiment, Birr Barracks.

Prince of Wales's Leinster Regiment (Royal Canadians)

Grand Jury Presentments Summer Assizes 1893

  • IE OH OHS53
  • Item
  • 1893

Bound volume containing book stamp of the Grand Jury Secretary's Office, Parsonstown (Birr), containing an abstract of presentments granted and queries respited and discharged at the Summer Assizes, 1893. Thomas Mitchell of Birr is listed as the grand jury's secretary.

King's County Grand Jury

Townparks (Birr) Church

Research on Townparks Church and Graveyard, Co. Offaly (Parish of Birr, Barony of Ballybritt). County Inventory Registration: 696.
Contains field sheet with sketches of floor plans and 107 photographs.

Town Park - Birr Castle

Research on the Town Park House - Birr Castle, Co. Offaly (Parish of Birr, Barony of Ballybritt). County Inventory Registration: 967.
Contains field sheet with a sketch of site plan (after Birr Town Council Development Plan 1990), a written report over two pages and 117 photographs.

Town Park - Fayle's Lane

Research on the Townpark House, Fayle's Lane Co. Offaly (Parish of Birr, Barony of Ballybritt). County Inventory Registration: 941.
Contains field sheet and 12 photographs.

Postcard of Birr Castle.

Postcard of Birr Castle viewed from the river, purchased from Richard J Sheppard, Bookseller and Stationer, Birr, County Offaly.

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