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Papers of R.H. Moore Birr
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Correspondence W. T. Trench

Memo to R. H. Moore from W. T. Trench, Redwood, Birr stating that he thinks the practice of selling elsewhere than at the fair will be difficult to break.

Correspondence W. T. Trench

Undated letter from W. T. Trench, Redwood, Birr referring to forestalling and that such a procedure amounted to an organised attempt against the patentees' rights. Refers also to forthcoming hearing in Birr.
With draft reply of 8th September from R. H. Moore informing that the committee had decided the previous month to send two men to Birr to watch the court proceedings.
Request Trench to send two to other men, 'My committee deem such action absolutely necessary to check forestalling'.

Electric lighting in Birr

Typescript letter from Local Government Board of R. H. Moore member of Birr No. 1 Rural District Council stating that a Rural District Council is a local authority under The Electric Lighting Acts and that it is not necessary for them to obtain urban powers for the electric lighting of any part of their district.

Newspaper clippings Irish Farmers Union, Banagher

Notebook containing newspaper clippings of minutes of Banagher Branch of the Irish Farmers Union. Deals with such matters as setting of Fair days, fixing a price for barley. With memo from Offaly County Council acknowledging application for Relief Grant Scheme and encouragement of trade in the towns of Banagher and Birr.