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Correspondence of the 4th Earl

Correspondence of the 4th Earl about yachting, Cowes, etc. [See also J/25 and 0/8.]

Parsons, Laurence, 4th Earl of Rosse

Minute Book

Minute book recording the decisions taken at general and executive meetings of the Offaly Farming and Industrial Society, mainly relating to the society's financial position and the hosting of the Tullamore Agricultural and Industrial Show. Includes minutes of discussions surrounding the taking over by the society of the cricket club field at Spollanstown for use as a show ground, and subsequent negotiations with Tullamore GAA who requested that the field be used for matches and training (1924). Also records later proposals to sell the field to the combined Tullamore Association Football and Rugby Clubs (1944).

Digby - Geashill Estate 1954-1955

Original incoming and copy outgoing correspondence relating to the administration of the Geashill Estate. Matters referred to include forestry; stamp duty; tenancy arrears; damages occurred to iron gates on Lord Digby's property during the thinning of surrounding forests; sporting rights for Lord Digby's property in Glenamoy, Mayo; list of tree seads for planting on Digby estate; repairs to Lord Digby's Ford Thames truck; proposal from Bord na Mona to to purchase Digby's land in Mayo; application on behalf of Lord Digby for a salmon licence.

Includes copy letter from A T Lucas, Director of National Museum of Ireland to Digby, "You will, I feel sure, be interested to learn that the Geashill cauldron has just been placed on exhibition after a cleaning process which, I hope, has brought it to something like the pristine brilliances which you described to me. It has also been labelled in accordance with the wording you suggested. I take this opportunity of placing on record our very sincere thanks for the extraordinary lengths to which you have gone to help the Museum through the very strange vicissitudes which beset this cauldron over so many years and our deep gratitude for the final generous gesture which secured it for the nation". (5 March 1955)

Includes letter from Digby to Kennedy, "I would be inclined to resist the selling of the [Village] Green at Geashill and say that for sentimental reasons, I wish to retain it. If you thought it advisable to day, which is true, that I am proud of the fact that I am the 11th Baron Digby of Geashill and that for the dame reason I have tried to retain the castle ruins, both old and new". (14 April 1955)

Digby - Geashill Estate 1959-1962

Original incoming and copy outgoing correspondence relating to the administration of the Geashill Estate. Matters referred to include installation of a telephone at the Forester's Lodge, Digby Estate; proposed sale of Garda Barracks; insurance renewals; fisheries rates; accounts for purchase of timber; issuance of gun and wireless licences; arrangements for Lord Digby to meet the Irish Land Commission to discuss Geashill queries.

Includes letter to Kennedy from Digby: "Thank you for your letter of March 29th dealing with the Archdeacon and the appointment of his successor. I quite realise the difficulty with regard to anybody having to take on the Geashill Rectory, when the upkeep is bound to be great. With regards to building a bungalow rectory in the Castle grounds at Geashill, the idea does not appeal to me much, especially as now I have decided to plant all land I have got left, and which probably go onto my Schedule B Assessment, which is what I would like to happen. I should have thought that part of the rectory grounds could have been sliced off as a site for the new rectory. Unless, of course, the Garda Barracks house is to be given up by the Garda as was considered as a remote possibility last year" (1 April 1960).

Letter from Department of Posts and Telegraphs: "with reference to your letter of the 30th May to the Postmaster, Tullamore we are now arranging to provide the telephone and the usual agreement will be forwarded for signature in the next few days. The rental will be £14 16s 0d per annum which is calculated on the actual radial measurement of 3 mile 3 furlongs between the Forester's house and Killeigh Exchange. The minimum term of agreement will be for five years. The telephone will be connected to Tullamore exchange for engineering reasons" (3 July 1961).

Copy of letter to Canon A K Palmer: "I have received a letter from The Hon. Captain Edward Digby in which he says that Lord Digby and he wish to make a contribution towards the new school at Geashill and he has requested that I forward you cheque for £300" (14 August 1962).

Digby - Glenamoy Estate 1934-1944

Original incoming and copy outgoing correspondence relating to the administration of Glenamoy Estate, Ballina, Co. Mayo under James Boland Esq. Matters referred to include letter from the Department of Lands and Fisheries requesting the total amount of Salmon and sea-trout captured by anglers on waters owned or leased by Lord Digby; payment of fishery rates; requests from several parties to Lord Digby for permission to fish in the Glenamoy River; AGM notice for the Salmon Fisheries Protection Association; arrangements for payment to the Watchers for the Season: Anthony Healy, Michael Healy, Patrick McGrath, Terence Moran, J McDonnell, Ann Healy and Martin McGarry; contention by Lord Digby as to why the existing Close Season on Glenamoy River should not be altered; dispute over the rights in a commonage situate in the townland of Ballygally North; letter from The Salmon Fisheries Protection Association informing their members of impending legislation of a bill dealing with all fishing rights in the Irish Free State (1936).

Includes letter from James King to Goodbody: "Mr Boland has asked me to forward the particulars of the fish caught on Lord Digby's water, which he so kindly gave me permission to fish and I send them list of my catchers - I am sorry I cannot give you the number of my fishing licence, as I have left it at my Lodge at Ballycastle - The fishing was very poor in the Glenamoy last season, wholly due, I think, to the work undertaken by the Board, and the fish could not face the polluted water due to the cement." (2 February 1938)

Includes letter from Digby to Kennedy: "Many thanks for your letter. It is indeed something for the ministers at least to have delayed making bye-laws for opening and closing of the Glenamoy. We have been entirely stopped hunting for Foot & Mouth disease restrictions. If those are taken off in the near future I must stay ay home and try get some value out of my hunters or I missed all the early part of the season by being away in Canada. Otherwise I hope to come over 13th of after to Ireland." (1 February 1938)

Poster for a Carnival at Birr

  • IE OCL P110
  • collection
  • 1941

Poster advertising a carnival at Birr organised by the South Offaly Local Defence Force with dancing, parades and hurling tournaments.

South Offaly Local Defence Force

Tickets dancing in aid of the Irish White Cross

Two tickets for a dance in aid of the Irish White Cross to be held in the Technical School, Banagher with two tickets to a dance at the Shannon Hotel, Banagher to be held on Saturday 20th December 1924.

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