Ballycowan (Bar.)



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Ballycowan (Bar.)

Ballycowan (Bar.)

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Ballycowan (Bar.)

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Ballycowan (Bar.)

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Book of Tridiums of Fr Edward Kelly SJ

Handwritten book of Tridiums of Fr Edward Kelly SJ. From the Tullabeg Jesuit Library. With note on second page ‘Transcribed by me from Reports of Tridiums given by my beloved Father (Edw. Kelly, S.J.). M.A. Beytagh, Mannin House.’ Includes pasted insert photograph of Fr Edward Kelly SJ.

Ordo Administrandi Sacramenta

Ordo Administrandi Sacramenta, Et Alia Quaedam Officia Ecclesiastica Rite Peragendi, 4th edition, Dublin 18[91]. With note on front cover ‘The Infirmary St. Stanislaus College, Tullamore. Ad usum Patrum. Administ. Sacrament.’

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