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Annual Report 1877

Annual report, accounts and rental for year ending June 1877, reporting no outstanding arrears with all rents paid punctually and not a single farm surrendered despite a bad harvest. Increased profit of £10,000 remitted to Lord Digby attributable to extra rents from the glebe lands of Killeigh and Geashill. Expenditure on drainage continued with works at Ballydownan bog and the thorough cleaning of the watercourse on the estate boundary between Cappancur and the late McMullen's bog at Ballydaly. Digby reports that the only centenarian tenant on the estate had been forced to sleep on his kitchen table due to the repeated flooding of his cabin in this area. A new drain was also sunk near Ballycommon canal bridge through the valley behind Ballinagar.

Construction works consisted of a new cattle shed for Darby Kelly, 'an improving tenant' in Cloncoher; new labourer's cottages at the Meelaghans; new cattle shed for Mr Davis, tenant of the reclaimed Meelaghans lands; a new dwelling house for J. Smollen of the Meelaghans; and the raising and repairing of the smith's house in Killeigh. Eighteen acres of the River Wood at Clonad was thoroughly drained and replanted with larch and oak.

Overall Digby reports that the estate is quiet and free from the disturbances and outrages perpetrated in other parts of the county.

Lease of Coleshill and Ballydaly to John McHroy

Lease of part of the lands of Coleshill [Colehill] and Ballydaly from Edward Earl Digby to John McHroy for one life, or twenty-one years from 29 September 1819, at the yearly rate of £46-2-6.
Including 'A map of part of the lands of Coleshill in the Barony of Geashill and King's County. Part of the Estate of the Right Honourable Earl Digby. Surveyed by John Molloy 1819', hand coloured, scale 20 Perches to an Inch, with bordering land leased to Dan Larkin, McEvoy, John Conroy, Daniel McHroy, John Fitzgerald, Andrew J. O. Flanagan, Cox Esq. and under ownership of the Earl of Charleville.