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Home Rule movement

Home Rule movement

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Home Rule movement

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Home Rule movement

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Annual Report 1886

Annual report, accounts and rental for year ending June 1886, showing a further reduction in the gross rental received by £152.13.0 and noting a considerable increase in arrears outstanding mainly attributable to the continued and intensified depression in the value of almost all kind of stock and farm produce, recent proposed legislation and a renewed demand for alteration of land laws. Forestry works consisted of 20 acres planted in Derryclure Wood and Scrubb Wood.

Describes a further agitation at the winter collection of rents (1885) with the object of procuring an abatement of rents that have been recently judicially fixed. Also describes the 'great excitement' among the tenantry derived from the Home Rule movement and the Parnellite party.

Annual Report 1891

Annual report, accounts and rental for year ending June 1891, showing a further decrease in overall rental income and arrears remaining unchanged. Expenditure on forestry only with some acres at Clonad, cleared, drained and replanted. Digby reports that the overall condition of the estate is 'most satisfactory' and that 'the traces of agitation which recently distracted the country have, owing to Mr. Balfour's fearless administration, improved agricultural conditions and the split in the Nationalist camp, almost entirely disappeared.'

Annual Report 1894

Annual report, accounts and rental for year ending June 1894, showing an unchanged rental situation form the previous year. Digby refers to the defeat of the Home Rule Bill and his satisfaction that 'the extraordinary proposal of the Government to reinstate evicted tenants has failed to excite enthusiasm'.

Annual Report 1895

Annual report, accounts and rental for year end June 1895, showing rents and arrears unchanged since the previous year. Despite the continued low prices for agricultural produce, and a moderate harvest, rents were satisfactorily paid, and Digby notes 'the agitation and discontent prophesied as the inevitable result of the defeat of the Home Rule and Evicted Tenants Bills have been absolutely non existent, and in this district boycotting and intimidation of any kind are almost things of the past.'