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Birr Castle Archives
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The Rosse Papers

  • collection
  • 1595

Parsons Family, Earls of Rosse

Leases of ‘The Myrtle House’, Youghal

Original lease (1604) and 2 non-contemporary copy leases of ‘The Myrtle House’, Youghal, [former home of Sir Walter Ralegh], held by the Parsonses of Parsonstown under a lease from the [1st and Great] Earl of Cork.

Parsons Family, Earls of Rosse

17th century letters and papers

Seventeenth-century letters and papers, 1595-1699 and 1871 of the two branches of the Parsons family, the Parsonses of Bellamont, Co. Dublin, Viscounts Rosse, and the Parsonses of Parsonstown, alias Birr, King's County.

Leases of lands in the manor of Parsonstown, Co. Wexford

c.25 leases of lands in the manor of Parsonstown, Co. Wexford, which reverted to the Parsonses of Parsonstown, King’s County, between 1708 and 1711, [and seems to have been settled by them on a younger son, Piggott Parsons, brother of Sir Laurence Parsons, 3rd Bt, on the failure of whose issue it seems to have reverted to the King’s County Parsonses, only to be used again as an appanage in the mid-19th century]. Some of the lands mentioned are Cullentrough, barony of Gorey; Ballyduff, Mangan,
Killenagh, Howell’s Land and Glascarrig, barony of Ballaghkeen; and parts of the manor of St John’s (Tomnegranoge, Knockmarshal, etc), barony of Bantry. [The documents are in date order and are ready for numbering, or rather re-numbering, as each has an obsolete number written on it.]

Leases of lands in Co. Tipperary with baronial location not specified

Three singleton leases of lands in Co. Tipperary with baronial location not specified: Lelagh (1718), Lissballyard and Rathmakeena (1739), and Kilgrogane (1786). The first 2 leases were granted by Sir William Parsons, 2nd Bt; the last
does not have a Parsons as a party.

Lease to the 2nd Earl, when Sir Laurence Parsons

Lease to the 2nd Earl, when Sir Laurence Parsons, of a house in Newtown Pery, Limerick, [presumably occupied by him when the King’s County Militia was stationed in Limerick].

Parsons, Laurence, 2nd Earl of Rosse

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