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Annual Report 1869

Annual report and rental for year ending June 1869, containing detailed report and accounts showing the receipts and disbursements on the estate for the preceding year. Records that the financial situation is favourable and that the largest expenditure was on drainage at Ballyknockan, Newtown, Killeenmore and Ballyduff. Reports that the RASI have awarded a 3rd Gold Medal and the Hall Challenge Cup for the best drainage in all Ireland. In relation to buildings and other improvements, he refers to ongoing renovations rather than new builds. Reports that the RASI have awarded a Gold Medal for improving existing labourers' cottages and that Mr Mallison, architect, was awarded £25 for best plans of labourers' cottages.(See 'Architectural drawings' preceding Index.) The constabulary barrack was fortified to withstand any attack. Woods and plantations were not as profitable as other years and reports on works on Derryclure, Clonad, Derryadd and Killeenmore.

In general, reports that 'an excellent tone pervades the people', that they appear satisfied and there is an absence of outrages. Regrets to say that part of the county boundary in Westmeath not for from estate is in a 'lawless condition'. Also reports on a 'curious incident' outside Tullamore where a ruse was employed by locals who wanted to divert police from an intended cock-fight. Also reports on the murder of Captain Tarleton and on a Mr Roberts who was forcefully ejected from his farm having 'seized' another farm which had belonged to a relative of his who had recently died. Appendix (pp54 and 55) contains copy correspondence between Lord Digby and RASI in relation to the establishment of a Digby Challenge Cup.

Minute Book Banagher Cycle and Athletic Club

Minute book of Banagher Bicycle and Athletic Club dealing with matters such as procuring a field for the holding of an athletic sprts day (29th May 1895) and printing of the rules of the club (12th June 1895). Newspaper reports of event pasted in.

Rules of the Banagher Cycle and Athletic Club

Printed 'Rules of the Banagher Bicycle & Athletic Club' for season 1900-1901 in booklet form. States that the object and aim of the club is to promote cycling and other healthy outdoor exercises including the game of handball.

Photographs of Loughton house and estate.

  • IE OCL P131/6/2/3/1
  • Unidad documental compuesta
  • 1902-[c.1975]
  • Parte deLoughton Papers

Photographs and negatives taken of Loughton house and the surrounding estate. The majority of the photographs are of the exterior of the house and of horses kept in Loughton. The file includes one negative of the interior, photographs of Theodora Trench, Sheelah Lefroy and Langlois Massy Lefroy playing and walking dogs, work being carried out on the estate and a negative of Benjamin Bloomfield Trench on a horse. The file includes a Christmas card from Buffy [?] sent to Theodora containing a photograph taken in Loughton of Theodora and an unidentified young boy.
Also included in the file are six glass plate negatives which show the interior of Borrisnafarney Church, a hunt gathered outside Loughton House and two unknown ladies walking their dogs.

Records of Offaly GAA

  • IE OH OHS46
  • Fondo
  • 1909-1980

Offaly Southern Committee GAA Minute Books 1912-1922 and 1923-1927
County Offaly GAA Minutes, 1917-1918
County Offaly GAA Accounts 1909-1936
North Offaly Minute Book 1918-1926
Tullamore GAA Club Minutes 1914-1918, 1918-1920, 1926-1929
Tullamore GAA Club Accounts 1966-1968; 1980

Tullamore GAA Club

Tickets dancing in aid of the Irish White Cross

Two tickets for a dance in aid of the Irish White Cross to be held in the Technical School, Banagher with two tickets to a dance at the Shannon Hotel, Banagher to be held on Saturday 20th December 1924.

Digby - Glenamoy Estate 1927-1931

Original incoming and copy outgoing correspondence relating to the administration of Glenamoy Estate, Ballina, Co. Mayo under James Boland Esq. Matters referred to include equestrian, hunting and fishing activities; game conservationism and dealings with various conservator groups; poaching; trespassing; employee salaries; transport fees; claims compensation; and the letting the Glenamoy River.

Includes letter from B J Newcombe, Secretary to Salmon Fisheries Protection Association, to Lewis Goodbody: ‘…The rights of all Fishery Owners in the Free State are being tested in the still pending litigation in the Erne and Moy fishery cases. This litigation has been going on for some years at enormous expense, and now the last decision (by Mr Justice Johnson) in favour of the owners has been appealed against.’ (21 May 1929)

Letter from Goodbody to Mr John Mudge: ‘Neary's cases is that he foul hooked this salmon on the 29th October, 4 or 5 pools above the boundary pool. Now, in certain water at least Lord Digby's bank would cover 4 or 5 pools above. When I pointed this out to him, he now says that it was hooked 262 yards above the boundary pool. It was about 6 lbs weight, and he says he had trout rod, and he only got it out 50 or 60 yards below the boundary pool.’ (2 December 1929)

Letter from Lewis Goodbody to Lord Digby: ‘Woodcock shooting in Ireland ends on the 28th February everywhere, but I know that Reggie was of the opinion that it should close at latest by the middle of February. After that the birds were certainly pairing, and nests have been found here early in March. My own impression is that it ought to stop on the 31st January, but at all events they should not be looked for after the first week in February.’ (17 January 1931)

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