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St Stanislaus College, Tullabeg, Offaly Rahan
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Pamphlet entitled 'Offaly Tombstone Inscriptions. 1. Rahan Graveyards'

Pamphlet entitled Offaly Tombstone Inscriptions. 1. Rahan Graveyards, published by the Offaly Historical Society. Contains references to, and lists of Jesuits buried in the old Rahan graveyard from 1823 to 1874 and those buried in the cemetery in the grounds of St Stanislaus College, Tullabeg, after 1874 (p.22 – 25).

Miscellaneous material - burial, rules for confraternity, ode

– list of Jesuits buried in the old Rahan cemetery (n.d., 2pp);
– letter to [the Rector] from John Molloy (building contractor) concerning the laying out of the grounds (29 January 1818, 1p.);
– ‘Rules for a Confraternity of the Sacred Heart. formed for the Scholars at Tullabeg, by the late Fr Patrick Meagher SJ, uncle to Thomas Francis Meagher - March 19 1833 written out by Hugh Gartlan of Dundalk’ (1833, 11pp);
_ Note on the Christmas plays of Tullabeg College, 1853 (2pp);
– printed copy of ‘Centennial Ode. St. Stanislaus College, 1918’ by Fr William Fortescue Power SJ (1918, 6pp) and
letter from Fr William Delany SJ to Mr Breen concerning a fire in a shoe store in Tullabeg (11 January [ ] ), 3pp);

Burial details of Jesuits - documents by Fr Kevin Laheen SJ

Documents by Fr Kevin Laheen, SJ which describe the burial details of Jesuits and pupils of Tullabeg who were buried in the Old Rahan Graveyard (c.1855 onwards) and the College cemetery (c.1874 onwards); the plaque erected in their honour and blessing of this stone; details of copyright permission for Fr Laheen’s book in relation to the 5 Evie Hone stained glass windows originally located at Tullabeg and relocated to the Jesuit Retreat House, Dollymount (1 August 2010). Includes chronologically list of Jesuits who died in Tullabeg (1870-1906) and a photographic album of the Jesuit graveyard at Tullabeg, Rahan Lodge and Irish Jesuits at this blessing (9 September 2004).

Laheen; Kevin; Jesuit priest

Plans of Tullabeg cemetery and letters

Plans of Tullabeg cemetery drawn up by Br James Christian SJ in 1952, lists of names and dates of those who were buried in Tullabeg; extracts from the Province Necrologia (1818-1874); later correspondence between Fr Fergal McGrath SJ, Province Archivist, and Fr Richard Coyne SJ, librarian, Tullabeg, concerning the Rahan graves.

Correspondence between Patrick Joseph Plunkett, Bishop of Meath and Maria O’Brien, Rahan Lodge, County Offaly

Letter from Patrick Joseph Plunkett, Bishop of Meath, Navan, Meath to Maria O’Brien, Rahan Lodge, County Offaly, regarding an invitation to Rahan Lodge in September 1818 (21 August 1818). Typed copy of a letter from Maria O’Brien, Rahan Lodge, County Offaly, (benefactress of Tullabeg) to the Bishop of Meath concerning the co-operation between the local clergy and the Jesuit fathers of Tullabeg (10 September 1818).

Plunkett; Patrick Joseph (1738-1827); Roman Catholic Bishop of Meath

Use of boats on the Grand Canal by students of the College

Correspondence and documents relating to the use of boats on the Grand Canal by students of St Stanislaus College, Tullabeg. Includes note by Fr John Joy SJ, Rector of Tullabeg (9 October 1933); note from Fr James McCann SJ to Fr John Joy SJ, Rector of Tullabeg referring to the restrictions on the use of boats and that his brother, James McCann (McCann Stock & Share broker) advises to sign the indemnity, and he will 'fix up the mater with the Board meeting to-day' (9 October 1933).

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